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What does our Shed offer?

Our Shed is an inclusive Shed. While it is designed for men of any age, we also make welcome partners. We realise that Men's Sheds traditionally attract an older generation, particularly those close to their retirement. However, our Shed also has programs at the moment for men with mobility, mental health or other health issues. 
We offer a range of programmes and activities which can be found under our Clubs Tab. 
We're keen to involve men who have particular skills and who would gladly help teach others. 
We're are equally keen to have blokes involved who want to learn from others, or maybe you just want to come over for a cuppa and a chat. 
While the Shed is not focused on any one specific demographic in the community, it is acknowledged that the current operations of the Shed do attract a mainly older group of men who are mostly retired or nearing retirement. 
There are a number of older men in the Casey/Cardinia community who are facing issues associated with significant change including retirement, ageing, health, isolation, becoming a carer, disability, loss of a partner and separation. The Shed provides the venue to share and discuss life experiences in a relaxed environment. 

The Shed currently provides the following outcomes:

For the Men:

  • A place to be yourself - do what you want, when you want, how you want;

  • Pursue hobbies, pastimes and interests;

  • Meet other men to whom you can relate to;

  • Share or exchange ideas;

  • A place to learn;

  • A place to teach;

  • Discuss and learn about men's health issues

  • Talk to someone who will listen and not judge;

  • Talk to someone who understands;

  • Socialise and find mateship, camaraderie and fellowship.

For the Community:

  • Utilising skills that may have been hidden and unused;

  • Construction or repair of community projects;

  • Some of the problems that older men suffer can be addressed and referred;

  • Reduce the burden on services in the community by minimising the impact of some men's health issues through education, support and encouragement


APMS Committee 2019-20


President:              Lindsay Harding

Vice President:      Maury Hall

Secretary:              Paul Perrone

Treasurer:              Peter Mason

Ordinary Committee Members:

[L to R]Jim Grills, Ernie Bird, Phil Lardner, Doug Hutchinson, Jack Brown

Phil Taylor & Lawry Hamilton


Meeting Times and Days

 General Members’ Meetings

3rd Thursday of the Month Starting @ 10.15am

Committee Meetings

2nd Monday of the Month Starting @ 9.30am 

 Meetings may alter depending on Public holidays.

Background to Akoonah Park Men’s Shed

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First established some seven years ago by a retired mayor of Berwick who has since passed away. The initial meeting was held in a broken down steel shed that needed a lot of TLC. There were around 25 men who came on that day, held in May 2012. Many of those who attended are still members of the shed and the sign-on sheet of that day is now framed for all to see. The Shed commenced in June 2012.

The metal shed was offered to us by the management of Akoonah Park. Over those first few months we received many pieces of furniture and tools etc. From that point, we started to renovate the shed to a reasonable standard.

Approximately three years ago, the park management, on our request, built an extension and we received a grant from the City of Casey Council.

Over the years, we have had four presidents with elections held every July. The membership grew very well over the years and today we have 164 financial members. The fee is now $50 entrance and $55 annually.

We are opened five days a week from around 9am to about 1pm. Wednesday is a pool/snooker day with a small meal prepared by various members each week. Thursday is strictly our social day with a BBQ lunch most weeks or special hot meals once a month. Around 60 members attend this day and no machine shop work is allowed. Friday is the quietest day. Many come just for social aspect on any day of the week.

Twice a year we have members and wives luncheons at a local pub/club.

Several members make and turn pens for resale and we have two blacksmiths who only fire-up on Mondays. We have many groups and clubs; for example: golf, fishing, caravan; welding, cruising etc (see newsletter). Currently several members are restoring a Morris Minor.

Fund raising is always ongoing. We operate (8-hour shift) a BBQ at our local biggest hardware retailers in Australia named Bunnings.

Money is also raised on a weekly basis where members pay $3 for a BBQ meal and have the opportunity to buy raffle tickets with prizes drawn that day which also helps provide coffee and tea and biscuits throughout the week.

We have a Grants sub-committee which investigates application for grants. From these grants sheds can apply for the purchase of tools, refurbishing of rooms or shed, first aid courses, helping the community and many other topics.

A summary of known outgoing costs are insurance for Members, and power, rent, internet, tea, coffee etc. Beer/wine is allowed on certain days during the year.

The future looks very good; our plans and permits to build a veranda extension have materialised. We have recently arranged the purchase and installed Solar Panels with a grant provided by the Federal Government and assistance of our Local member Jason wood.